Great Promotional Items to Leave Behind at Meetings


You never get second chance to make a first impression. And first impressions really count.

When attending meetings, giving presentations or visiting clients what you say and how you speak will leave an impact but not every word you say will be recalled.

It takes 5 to 7 impressions for someone to remember your logo and associate it with your company name so, another way to leave a great lasting impression is to leave behind some promotional giveaways so your brand and logo will be remembered.

‘Leave-behind’ promotional products

There are many types of product you could purchase as a ‘leave-behind’ item:

  • Your ‘leave behind’ promotional items can be relative to the work you do, for example; a company that sells paints and is giving a presentation could leave a branded paint tin opener. It’s a highly useful and imaginative gift for the recipient.

  • Instead of a business card, why not use promotional pens and pencils that have your business contact details on? These will be dotted around your client’s office and are available when your customer wishes to contact you. Promotional pens will also be used by other staff members in an office creating further brand awareness for your business.

  • Branded sticky notes and promotional notepads are useful giveaways, they can even be utilised during the meeting itself alongside some bespoke pens. Brand the notepads with your contact information so your customers can get in touch when they need to make a purchase of your products or services.

  • At this time of year, a promotional calendar would be a fantastic ‘leave-behind’ giveaway. It encourages organisation for your client and your business branding will be adorned on the calendar for your customers to see for the twelve months of 2019.

Top tips for great ‘leave-behind’ items

  • Make sure your businesses contact information is simple for your customer to find. If you leave a printed document at your meeting, make sure your name and contact information appear on all pages.

  • Adapt each leave-behind promotional item to the company you’re presenting to. Perhaps some branded gardening gloves if you are liaising with horticultural businesses.

  • Imaginative leave-behind items can be the difference between obtaining a sale or not. By offering useful and memorable branded merchandise, you can remind your customers that you’re there when you’re required.

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