Go Eco-Friendly With Your Marketing Merchandise


Eco-friendly promotional products are fast becoming THE branded item to have. Adding your company branding to an array of environmentally friendly products means, when you give these to a customer or potential customer, they get to see your logo on a regular basis and the eco-friendly item promotes that you are an environmentally friendly business.

BMT Promotions have many eco-friendly products that can be branded with your logo. Take a look at a few of our favourites below:

Branded Jute Bag

Jute is a vegetable fibre used mainly to make course cloth. A branded jute bag is highly sustainable and can be your ‘bag for life’, eliminating the need for plastic carrier bags. bmt Promotions have a variety of promotional jute bag sizes and styles that can be branded to your specification.

Promotional desktop plant

A terracotta pot or recycled metal tin including some peat and seeds makes for a quirky and eco-friendly promotional product that your customers can grow in their office. There’s plenty of space for your advertising on the packaging and in some cases the pot or tin can be printed with your company logo.

Promotional Recycled Card Notebooks

Promotional recycled card notebooks branded with your custom design. These promotional notebooks are perfect for the office or out at exhibitions and events and, are great ‘green’ giveaways to give out to your customers. They can come in a variety of sizes. Head to bmt Promotions website for a quote.

Promotional Recycled Pen Pots

Branded recycled, full-colour, pen pots made of recycled paper and plastic offer a great eco-friendly addition to any office environment. bmt Promotions can supply these in a variety of colours and styles, like the quirky wheelie bin ones below, and with various branding options to suit your needs.

Any product that helps the environment is going to be favoured so, have a look at bmt promotions website for more ideas on eco-friendly promotional items. Please get in touch if you want to discuss some ideas for branded environmentally friendly products for your business.

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