Give The Gift of Promotional Gloves


A few years ago, an American based design agency produced some promotional gloves for McDonalds. As we all know, McDonalds is one of the most recognised brands in the world, so they wanted to come up with a fun and quirky idea for a promotional product for their millions of loyal customers. The agency came up with an imaginative idea to make the gloves to look like a box of fries…

Just imagine what you could do with your business branding and some of our high-quality gloves:

Beechfield Suprafleece™ Thinsulate™ Gloves

These 100% polyester gloves are made with an ultra-thermal thinsulate™ fabric creating a warmth without the weight of a heavy glove. These gloves come in black and navy colours and can be branded with your logo by embroidery or by attaching a printed label to the gloves in your position of choice.

Beechfield Touchscreen Smart Gloves

It can be quite tiresome having to remove your gloves every time you need to reply to a message on your phone or answer an email on your tablet, not to mention your hands getting very cold – enter the Beechfield Touchscreen smart gloves. You can keep these gloves on when you need to respond to that important customer urgently and not expose your fingers to the bitter cold. These can be branded with your business logo and message by embroidery or attaching a label with your company emblem.

Beechfield Fingerless Gloves

If you want to be able to use your touch screen devices with your fingertips, the fully brandable fingerless gloves would be the perfect promotional product. These gloves come in black and charcoal colours and are made from a soft touch acrylic and polyester. Your business logo can be attached to the gloves on a separate label or embroidered directly onto the gloves.

Ronhill Classic Running Gloves

Perfect for running and athletics clubs, these classic running gloves are a lightweight, fast drying brandable glove with a reflective trim. Made from polyester and elastane these running gloves can be branded to the back of the hand via a separate label with your business logo embroidered onto it.

Spiro Elite Running Gloves

The unisex Spiro Elite Running glove has an elasticised cuff, reflective piping detail and print and sweat panel. These gloves are extremely lightweight and warm and comfortable to wear. Made from 100% polyester these gloves are fast drying are perfect for creating brand awareness on the move.

For your promotional products needs head to our website –, email us your queries on or call for a quote on 01933 409489.

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