Getting Creative With Your Promotional Giveaways


Promotional products are in abundance at trade shows and exhibitions. In order to stand out from the crowd with your branded giveaways you have to get creative.

Imaginative product ideas

There are so many ways you can get creative with your promotional product ideas to get people interested and talking about your business.

Firstly, choose targeted products. This could be promotional products related to the exhibition you’re attending that will be of interest to the attendees. An example of this would be a uniform exhibition where you could give out promotional hats, t-shirts or branded embroidered socks.

Secondly, choose products that are going to catch the eye of attendees at an exhibition. Any product with bright or flashing lights will draw people’s attention to your stand where you can talk to them about the product or service you are looking to sell. Examples of promotional products with lights include, flashing keyrings, torches and pens, all able to be branded with your business logo.

Thirdly, toys and gadgets. Toys and gadgets are not just for children, adults love to play too. If there are some promotional puzzles and games on an exhibition stand that are going to keep attendees standing and talking to you for longer, then there’s potential for a business relationship to develop.

Finally, why not go for a more indulgent item? Stretch your marketing budget and giveaway some extravagantly delicious chocolate boxes to people coming and talking to you at your stand or, opt for a luxury gadget such at a wireless powerbank to gift to potential customers. These items will be appreciated and your business name is more likely to stay in the forefront of an attendees mind with such a significant gift.

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