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A recent survey conducted by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) asked 200 professional buyers of promotional products ‘What is your approximate annual spend on promotional products?

The results show that over half of the people asked, up to £5K was their annual spend, with the second highest amount (£5k – £20k) being the second biggest result at 33%.

This shows that some branded merchandise marketing budgets can be restrictive. To create vast brand awareness with limited marketing expenses, it is essential that companies buy budget friendly promotional items.

bmt Promotions have a huge selection of promotional products for all budget types. Here are some of our top ideas and products to help your company gain the most amount of publicity in a cost-effective way:

Buy in bulk – Get the most out of your promotional budget by buying branded merchandise in bulk. Our brandable pens are a fantastic promotional product that can be sent out to customers with your business logo printed onto them. You can order a small amount or, save money by ordering in higher quantities. You’d then be able to distribute these extra pens to more potential new customers.

E.g: Contour Pens with a one colour print

250 pens @ 40p each / £100.00

500 pens @ 25p each / £125.00

1,000 pens @ 20p each / £200.00

By purchasing 1000 pens in a one-off bulk order, instead of 250 on four separate occasions, you will be saving yourself £200.

Purchase a cheaper version – There are many different types of product that we have in our promotional product range. For example, we have a huge selection of brandable bags. To get the most from your marketing budget, opting for a cheaper version of bag will help you save some money. You may even be able to buy more of the bags to send to other potential new clients.

Target your audience – If you want specific people or companies to buy your product or service within your town, send the promotional products directly to them. There is no requirement to send to all people or companies in your local area if most of the recipients of the promo product will never buy from you. This would be a waste of your economical marketing budget.

When you do send promotional products to your targeted audience, make that product relevant. It is more likely that people will buy from you of you do this. For example; If you’re a company that wishes to sell tools to local tradesmen, a promotional tool kit would be the ideal branded gift.

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