From Enquiry To Delivery – The Journey Of An Umbrella Order


From the initial call, email or website enquiry from a customer, at bmt Promotions we are delighted to be able to help. From the early stages of a query, right through to sourcing materials, quoting and producing the order.Each of the steps it takes to fulfil the customers’ needs is well thought out and personable.

An umbrella order – The process.

    • The customer makes an enquiry either by telephone, through social media postings, by email or via the website stating what product they are looking for. In this case it’s umbrellas!

    • We discuss with the customer the exact specification of the umbrella that they are looking for (golf, walking or telescopic) the quantity of umbrellas required and the colour of the umbrella (including Pantone matching). We also ask the customer to consider the size they would like their business logo to appear on the umbrella, the quantity of colours of the logo and how many of the umbrella panels the business logo appears on.

    • Once all the specifics have been established, we start to create an artwork proof of the umbrella design. This is then sent onto the customer to check over and approve or make amendments.

    • Once the artwork proof has been approved we go into production.The canopy, handle, shaft and assembling ribs and stretchers must be produced first. Then bespoke branding and assembly can begin.

      • Umbrella Shaft

        This is usually made of wood, steel or aluminium depending on the customer requirements. On occasion, Fiberglass and some plastics are used, which can normally be seen in the making of larger golf umbrellas.

      • Ribs and Stretchers

Ribs are the metal rods that run underneath the umbrella canopy and stretchers join the ribs to the shaft of the umbrella. The ribs and stretchers are connected with a joiner which is typically a small jointed metal hinge. There are two catch springs in the shaft of an umbrella. These are small pieces of metal that are pressed to allow the umbrella to be opened and closed.

      • Canopy

The canopy of the umbrella is the main piece of material that makes the main part of the umbrella. The canopy of the umbrella is hand sewn to the ribs in form of individual panels and each panel is cut from masses of materials called gores.  The typical umbrella has eight panels. The larger, golf umbrellas can have as many as twelve.

  • Once the canopy is assembled, the customers company logo is printed onto it either with digital printing, screen printing or embroidered. Umbrella straps and the sleeves that the umbrella in encased in can also be branded with a customer business brand.

  • Once the production is complete a series of quality control checks take place before the goods are securely packaged and dispatched to the customer.

  • The umbrellas are then shipped out to the customer. After a few days bmt Promotions give the customer a courtesy call to see if the umbrellas have arrived and that they are happy with the quality and service provided which we are happy to say, they have been!

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