Five Reasons to Invest in Branded Travel Drinkware for your Business


As people become more aware of the changing climate, the more conscious customers are of the products they are buying. Consumers are turning away from disposable plastic and are veering towards more sustainable alternatives.

More and more people are choosing to carry reusable bottles filled with water instead of buying plastic bottles of water in cafes and delis.

A fantastic way you can help your customers to become more eco-friendly, whilst advertising your own business, is to giveaway branded travel bottles that can be filled with hot or cold drinks.

Here are five reasons to invest in branded travel bottles for your next marketing campaign:

  1. It’s environmentally friendly. Branded reusable water bottles are better for the Earth, that’s a fact. There will be less disposable rubbish to decompose if you use a reusable one. You can add your business branding onto the bottle so your logo will be seen over and over again meaning extra recognition for your company.

  1. You can choose your design. At bmt Promotions we have an array of travel mugs and bottles that can have the design of your choice printed onto them. The Oregon Travel Mugs come in a variety of vibrant colours for you to choose from and your business logo can be printed prominently on the mug for the biggest impact.

  1. They’re versatile. We have the Stainless Steel Travel Mug and Thermo Insulated Travel Mugs that can carry hot or cold drinks in them wherever you want to go. Each has an easy grip handle and sip through lid for ease of use and both come in a large range of colours so you can choose one that matches your business branding.

  1. There are harmful chemicals in reusable travel bottle unlike some disposable cups. Alongside the environmental harm, the compound styrene that goes into styrofoam and the plastic lids of coffee cups has also been linked to health conditions. Research by the World Health Organisation has even linked styrofoam cups to cancer. This should be reason enough to start giving away promotional travel mugs.

  1. You can receive discounts in coffee shops for bringing in your own mug. A great incentive for having a promotional reusable travel bottle is that you can receive money off your morning coffee if your produce your own mug when you go into certain coffee shops. This will mean that your customers are more likely to use their branded mugs and your logo will be viewed by many.

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