Five Fabulous Promotional Fitness Clothing Items


Keeping fit is essential for a healthy life. There are so many ways to exercise and the variety of classes provided in towns and cities is vast. Fitness clothing is a great way for any business to advertise their brand. The business logo will get seen out on the street when people are running, by people working out in a gym and in exercise studios during classes.

Here are our top five promotional fitness clothing items to get your business branding seen:

High- Visibility Jackets to be seen on your run

If you’re out running in the dark winter mornings or evenings a high visibility jacket would keep you warm and keep you safe and seen by passers-by and vehicles. We have a range of hi-vis lightweight jackets perfect for exercising and all can be branded with your business logo via our full colour print method.

Best for sweat – branded polyester t-shirts

Polyester is the best type of material to work out in. Synthetic materials like polyester do not absorb moisture but they do assist in quickly moving it to the outer surface, where it can dry off easily. Other materials such as cotton tend to absorb sweat and while this is acceptable in a regular environment, for a sports person who may sweat a lot, the garment will become wet, clammy and uncomfortable.

Our range of male and female polyester t-shirts are available in a huge variety of colours and your company branding is able to be added to the garments by a range of methods including our full colour print method and via embroidery.

Bespoke gloves to keep your fingers warm

Exercise gloves have many uses. For weightlifters, wearing specialised weight training gloves can:

  • Prevent you from getting calluses when weight-lifting,
  • Provide support for the wrists
  • Improve your grip
  • Relieve pressure when lifting very heavy weights
  • Weight gloves with wrist straps allow you to lift much more weight than you could with just your hands.

Wearing running gloves in the winter can really help improve your run. There are three factors to consider when choosing your running gloves:

  • First, the level of blood flow to your hands. Some hands can go cold in a light breeze while others are continually sweating. This could mean the difference between a thin glove or a heavier duty one.

  • The outside temperature. How cold is it? Are you experiencing light goose pimples, or is the bitter winter making you cold on the inside too?

  • The wind speed, rain and snow. Wind chill, which is accentuated by being wet, is the leading cause of extremity discomfort in runners aged 10-99 according to a recent study, so make sure your hands are protected against the elements.

Our most popular exercise glove is the Spiro Elite. These gloves can be branded with your bespoke business logo by embroidered label, or printing on the glove itself. The gloves unique feature include:

  • Windproof and lightweight design
  • A sweat panel.
  • Media digits to enable use of phones on the go.
  • Reflective piping so you can be visible in darker conditions.
  • Elasticated cuffs for comfort.

Retain a warm core with promotional gilets

A branded gilet (or bodywarmer if you prefer) is a great easy way to warm your core whilst out on a hike, walking the dog on your morning run. There are a few types of gilet including: soft shell gilets, quilted gilets and fleeced lined all designed to keep you toasty during exercise. The best way to brand your gilets is with embroidery for durability.

Keep in the heat with branded headwear

A promotional headband or hat when exercising will not only keep you warm but absorb some of the sweat you’ll exude. These items are great giveaways if you want to advertise your business as they are a cost-effective promotional item, can be designed in a variety of ways to suit your branding needs and they’re a useful product meaning more people are likely to use them.

For other promotional clothing items, head to our website, email us at or call 01933 409489.

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