Five Branded Valentines Treats for Your Valued Customers


St. Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and, it’s the perfect time to tell your customers how much you appreciate them with some love inspired promotional gifts.

Branded Heart Shaped Confectionary

Chocolates and sweets are a delicious way to tell your clients how much you appreciate their custom or, express to your employees how much you appreciate their efforts. BMT promotions have a range of assorted products that you can send including, boxes of branded chocolate hearts, tins of promotional mints or even a promotional heart-shaped slab of milk, dark or white chocolate coated in various flavours like chilli, sea-salt and caramel. These fabulous promotional products are on the confectionary page of the bmt promotions website, take a peek.

Stress Love Hearts

As much as love is in the air over St. Valentine’s Day, if you’re at work, you may feel bogged down with tasks and be a little stressed out. What better gift than a branded stress heart for your customers or employees to squeeze at their desks in times of great tension.

Branded Foil Balloons

Branded Love -Inspired balloons delivered to a customer’s office on St Valentines Day will make them feel treasured and your customers will be grateful for the thought. When your customers are thinking of you so favourably, your company is more likely to be in their thought process the next time they need a product of service that you’re able to provide.

Heart Shaped USB Flash Drives

St Valentine’s Day Products do not just have to be about the declaration of love or appreciation, they can be useful too. A branded heart shaped USB Flash drive will come in handy with your customers or employees in their day to day working lives and, when out and about on business. If customers are travelling to business meetings or events with your thoughtful gift, it is more likely to be seen by the public and, if just one of those people are attracted to the products or services you sell, this could lead to further business for yourselves. Happy Days!

Promotional Heart Shaped Coasters and Office products

For St. Valentine’s Day gifts for the office branded heart shaped coasters and pens are a smart choice. They are budget-friendly items that show you care and will ensure your brand is seen around your customers’ place of work on a regular basis.

These products can be used as giveaways at an exhibition or, sit on your shop counter or stall as samples for passing trade. However you choose to hand over these promotional products, they enable your brand will be viewed by many people over a long period of time.

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