Don’t Freeze This Autumn – Get A Promotional Fleece


You’re heading out to a meeting and walking along to your car when you feel the autumnal chill hit you and you realise; a jumper just won’t cut it anymore. Its time to get the coat out.

The British weather is unpredictable, as we are all aware with our unseasonably warm start to autumn. Its too cold for thick jumper and still far to warm for the duffel coat hanging at home in the wardrobe. An alternative to these options is a fleece jacket, and whilst your heading out to a meeting, it would be ideal to be wearing a promotional one. This would create brand awareness and show the clients you are meeting that you are proud of your brand, even when you’re cold.

Zip neck or full zip neck?

There are two main types of zip on a fleece, zip neck fleeces which you would wear as a pullover with a small zip from your neck to your chest or, the full zip neck which zip from the neck all the way to the bottom of the fleece, like a coat.

The zip neck fleeces work well for people whose jobs are based predominantly outside and have little need to be taking the jacket off in this cold weather. Gardeners, country park staff, zoo keepers, construction workers and builders, to name just a few, would benefit from a zip neck fleece in this climate.

The full zip neck fleeces act as a coat so, anyone on their way to a business meeting, popping out to the warehouse or just a little cold in the office would benefit from one of these.

Our fleece styles

At bmt promotions we have a few fleece styles that we can add your bespoke branding to. We have the:

  • The Knitted fleece The knitted fabric is produced with knitting machine, where yarn is formed in loops. This method of producing the material makes it much more elastic and stretchable in both directions.

  • The Contrast fleece These come in more than one colour, the pockets and collar usually contrasting with the body of the fleece.

  • The Micro fleece These fleeces are thin and lightweight and are a great mid-layer clothing item for extremely cold days but, they are also ideal outerwear in milder weather. A micro fleece will provide a low level of insulation whilst the breathable properties make them perfect for those with active interests.

  • The Plain Fleece The classic fleece – made of polyester and designed to keep us warm.

Your companies bespoke branding can be embroidered onto any of our high-quality fleece options. Get in touch with us for your quotation:

Website: bmt Promotions


Telephone: 01933 409489

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