Design an Eye-Catching Promotional Roller Banner with These Top Four Tips


If you’re at an exhibition, unveiling a new, exciting product that you can’t wait for your customers to get their hands on, then you’re going to need a stand out display to really draw people in.

With our rollers banners, you can promote your latest product with vibrant print methods, containing striking text and images for all to see.

Here are our top four tips to producing an impressive roller banner:

Keep it simple for passers-by

If you opt for an unusual layout, your message will not be delivered as clearly. This is because, in European countries, people are used to reading from the top of the page to bottom and also from left to right. This is how the eye will automatically view your roller banner design.

If people are going to stand and look at your banner it doesn’t matter what the layout is because they will gather all the information you wish to portray, but for passers-by, they won’t be able to take in your message if you choose a more unique arrangement. Keep it simple so as many people can take in your details as possible.

Placement of content is key

Many roller banners that are designed and purchased from bmt Promotions have a multifunctional use and will be displayed at more than one event over a period of time. On occasion, we design for a one off use and, when designing your roller banner, you need to have an indication where it might be used.

You will need to take into account if any of your roller banner is to be obscured when placed on an exhibition table. If this scenario is likely to be the case you will need to be practical and not place any important images and text on that that part of the banner.

Use Colour

When it comes to colour, don’t be afraid to be daring. Lots of colour can help to create striking designs with contrasting tones that will make your banner be prominent from others around.

Use colours to complement your business branding colours and truly bring you company logo to life. Be considerate of the colours in your logo because on uniform, a leaflet or business card they might look great but, some colours when expanded for a banner can look too similar (eg. Red and pink)

Promote, Promote, Promote

The main point of your banner is to promote your business/product/service and that is the detail that is wanted. Your contact details are vital and need to be written in clear, large text with a bold colour and placed on the banner where everyone can see them.

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