CMYK and Pantone Matching Systems


Colour in marketing is important. Colour is captivating and is crucial for showing people what your brand is all about.

We sell several types of branded promotional products here at bmt Promotions from leaflets to lanyards, mugs to marker pens. We brand your items by printing using both CMYK (digital printing) and the Pantone Matching System (screen printing). Which print method we use depends on the product that is being branded and the colour that is required but, which print type is best for you?

Pantone Matching System

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) was initially a book of standardized colours. This was invented as a way of recognising, matching and communicating colours to solve the issues related with creating precise colour matches, with regards to printing in the graphic arts industry.

Pantone has since expanded its Matching System to incorporate many other industries including paint, digital technology, home, fashion, plastics, architecture and contract interiors where there are thousands of colours in the Pantone Match System.

For some products, it can be difficult to produce the specific colour required via digital printing, including some tints of green and orange so, using a Pantone colour screen print can guarantee a much more reliable colour match. Some items can be printed on five or six color-presses applying the CMYK printing with one or two Pantone colors to make a precise colour match.

Pantone Matching Systems also offers:

  • Accurate colour matching for your brand.

  • Covers a large product area and the colour remains consistent.

  • Uses the same accurate colour on many pages.

  • Creates vibrant and specific shades

  • Adds effects like fluorescent, pastel, or metallic colours

We offer Pantone Matching on many of our products so, if you have a logo with a specific Pantone colour and would like to apply this to some fantastic promotional products, please get in touch!


CMYK is a four-colour process printing, also named digital printing, using the colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black to make the colour you require. CMYK takes a mixture of the four colours to arrive at the colour you need. In most cases you will get a close match to the colour you wish to replicate, but usually there is some difference. Digital printing is a fantastic method for printing on all bmt Promotions products and specifically:

  • Full-colour photographs and illustrations for branded leaflets and business cards.

  • Multi-colour graphics that require too many colours to replicate using Pantone (PMS) tones.

Using CMYK alongside PMS

Both CMYK and PMS printing can be used when branding promotional products. A couple of examples are below:

  • When full colour photographs are used alongside your company logo image, it is advised to use CMYK for the photographs, and PMS for the logos.

  • Graphics that include several colours are often too difficult to duplicate using PMS colours, so it may be required to use CMYK for more intricate visuals.

If you want some advice on which type of printing would be required for your next order of promotional products, please get in touch.


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