Christmas Cards With A Difference


As Christmas time approaches, decorations come out of the attic, presents are purchased and Christmas cards are written and sent out to loved ones, far and wide.

Have you ever wondered how many Christmas cards are sent out in the UK each year? In 2018, an estimated 900m Christmas cards were sold in boxes and packs worth around £230m, as well as millions of cards bought from online operators. A further 100 million Christmas single cards were sold, bringing the total for the Christmas card market to one billion cards sold in the UK.

The History of the Christmas Card

The tradition of sending Christmas cards was started in the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole. He was a senior Government worker who had helped arrange the new ‘Public Record Office’ (now called the Post Office), where he was an Assistant Keeper, and wondered how it could be used more by ordinary people.

Sir Henry had the idea of Christmas Cards with his friend John Horsley, who was an artist. They designed the first card and sold them for 1 shilling each.

The original card was made of three panels, the outer two panels showed people caring for the poor and in the central panel was a family having a large Christmas dinner. Only a small number of these were produced. As printing methods improved in 1860, Christmas cards became much more popular and were produced in large numbers. In 1870 the cost of sending a post card, and also a Christmas card, was half a penny and this meant even more people were able to send cards.

A Promotional Christmas Card

As the years have gone one, thousands of Christmas card designs have been produced and the sales have increased to today’s millions.

At bmt Promotions we have our own Christmas card that can be branded with your business logo for some festive advertising. Included in the card are four chocolates in the shape of Christmas trees for an extra delicious treat. You can choose between, milk, dark and white chocolate and a full colour digital print of your business branding can be added to the card.

These cards make great ‘thank you’ gifts for your customers and employees and will add a little festive sparkle to any office desk.

Keep the Christmas card tradition alive and order some of these festive cards today!

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