Choose Promotional Confectionary For Your Next Marketing Campaign


Businesses constantly need to think of exciting new ways to market themselves, whatever their budget. There could be other companies out there selling comparable products or services to you and your business needs to be able to stand out from the rest.

Marketing campaigns need to appeal to the masses. These campaigns need to lure people into finding your business online, reading about you and getting potential new customers to remember your name for when they may need your product or service. This is where sending out promotional products kicks in. Sending items branded with your company logo or message to a targeted audience is a sure-fire way to get people to take notice of you.

Which type of product appeals to the majority of people? Chocolate and sweets.

Sending branded confectionary, in the post, is a unique and quirky way of getting your company name seen by new customers or, reminding previous customers what you do, what your business brand looks like and the message you want to exude.

An assortment of confectionary

There’s a wide selection of confectionary that is suitable for branded giveaways. Chocolates, candies and mints come in a variety of shapes, sizes and costs so, there is something to suit every businesses budget.

Chocolate delights

For an unusual gift to a customer why not try one of the many flavoured chocolate bars available at bmt Promotions.  The Chocoplus Chilli is a uniquely flavoured bar of either milk, white or dark chocolate with a hint of chilli. Your business logo can be printed on the packaging in your company’s custom colours and is sure to make an impression when received.

Smaller chocolates such as the Neapolitan Squares are available for reduced marketing budgets. Gifting a small bagful of these delightful chocolates with your business branding all over the packaging makes for a neat gift to send out to some loyal customers as a thank you.

Sweet Treats

A little bag of branded flavoured candies individually wrapped in recyclable paper with your business branding on them will make a delightful promotional giveaway to your valued customers. For businesses with a lot of visitors passing through the building, gift a box of branded display sweets for your customers reception desk for staff and visitors alike to devour. These sweets would not only be a delicious treat for people, but the promotional box the sweets come would create brand awareness for your company.

Marvellous Mints

Bmt Promotions selection of vegan mints, come in an assortment of brandable packaging including tins, credit card shaped containers and packets. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to sweets and chocolate, branded mints are a healthier alternative. Branded mints make a great gift for many types of business. They are handy on a desk in the office and they can be gifted to visitors coming into buildings for meetings.

There are many ways to give promotional confectionary to your customers. Please get in touch to discuss your promotional products needs for your net marketing campaign.

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