Chocolate, Chocolate everywhere!


It’s that time of year again! The shops are filled with novelty Halloween costumes, fireworks and sparklers for bonfire night, advent calendars and, dare I say it, Christmas goodies! One theme runs through all of these events, CHOCOLATE!

I’ve already seen packets of candy ghouls, edible Santa’s and sweet treats in the shape of exploding fireworks. Chocolate is a true UK favourite and is a highly successful promotional gift to give to your business customers or employees. Here are a few reasons why chocolate should be at the top of your list for giveaways and promotions at this time of year:


Chocolate is an extremely versatile way of promoting yourself. It can be crafted into many different ways for your customers;

Small Neapolitan squares

Small chocolates are great for giveaways at exhibitions and local stands. The wrappers of the chocolates can be designed to involve an upcoming celebration: Diwali, Halloween, bonfire night or Christmas! A bag of these sent to a potential customer with your branding will go down a (sweet) treat!

Blocks of chocolate

These can be shaped as a standard bar or moulded into a shape: a medal, coins, your logo!  These are ideal for company award ceremonies, casinos, and business parties. The varieties of chocolate are huge too: milk, dark, white, flavoured – The possibilities are endless!


A box of luxuriously presented chocolates with your company logo comes across as a personal gift to a customer or employee – great for a Christmas giveaway! It’s a product that requires effort and thought and shall be supremely appreciated by potential consumers and employees alike.


Compared to some other promotional products, chocolate is one of the most economical. You can decide on the quantity you want, the size of the product, the message you wish to give and how your branding appears on the chocolates, all dependent on your budget.  

Universally treasured

Chocolate is a cherished treat by the majority of people and, most consumers will appreciate passing an exhibition stand and picking some up. It’s a great product to entice people towards you and get them talking to you about your business. Sending a potential or, loyal customer a promotional box of chocolates in the post will also, no doubt, be very welcomed and create future talking points between you and your customers.

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