Change Your Business Card To A Promotional Keyring


Carrying a branded keyring around with you is like having a business card attached to your keys at all times. A branded keyring shows off your company logo and can be seen by so many people, every time someone pops their keys down on their desk at work or, while out and about at lunch or in meetings.

Investing in some promotional keyrings makes good business sense. There is a broad range of keyrings, they can be as low cost or high budget as you desire, and they can contain whatever business brand information you require. They are also more substantial than a business card, and they’re less easy to lose if they are attached to your keys!

Leather Keyrings

bmt Promotions have a vast range of high-quality promotional leather keyrings including those in the shape of telephones (a great investment for call centre representatives to brand and distribute at meetings), cars –  these would make fantastic giveaways for car dealerships to dispense to customers when they sell or rent cars. We also have house shaped leather keyrings which are sure to put a smile on a customer faces when they receive a branded one from their estate agents after the completion of a house sale.

Metal Keyrings

Branded metal keyrings are a fantastic superior branded gift. bmt Promotions has a range of metal keyrings including the torch keyring (handy for carpenters and builders), the trolley coin keyring (great for supermarkets and charities), the bottle opener keyring (spot on for brewers and public houses) and the radiator keyring (a plumbers dream!). All of these can be branded with your company logo and come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes.

Plastic Keyrings

The plastic keyrings we hold are also very useful, fully brandable and we have some great budget friendly options too. The Adloop keyring can be pantone matched to your business colours and we offer very competitive prices. We also have the tape measure keyring, the LED light and bottle opener keyring and the tread depth keyring which is ideal for car manufacturers and car dealerships to give out to consumers.

PVC Keyrings

bmt Promotions have both 2D and 3D promotional PVC keyrings that can be crafted into the shape of your choice. These PVC keyrings can be made into any bespoke shape and size. Available in all Pantone colours, these items can really bring your brand to life.

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