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Promotional Products For Your Mobile Phone


Mobile phones are constantly in use. When we’re not at our desks looking through emails, we’re on the move, checking them on our phones. We’re browsing our social media accounts on the go and we’re on our mobiles talking to clients and suppliers throughout the day. To protect our phones from the daily usage, some […]

Which Season Are Promotional Products Predominately Purchased?


Twenty years ago, promotional products were mainly purchased by companies around the festive season. Businesses would buy items to promote their companies and give them out as Christmas gifts to their loyal customers and any potential new clients. This fabulous idea is one that has carried on throughout the years. As times have changed, the […]

Top 20 Most Popular Promotional Products Of 2017


A study, collated with data compiled through research and analysis of the activity of professional promotional merchandise distributors, has established what the top 20 most popular promotional products of 2017 were. Most popular branded merchandise for 2017 and their total value (based on the average order value (£)): Analysing the data Over the past 6 […]

Christmas Giveaways on a Budget


Your Christmas marketing campaign doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg in fact, some of the cheaper promotional products are the ones that make the biggest impact and stay in customers minds longer. Whether you have £100 or £10000 to spend on promotional items over Christmas, bmt Promotions have some outstanding products for […]

Great Promotional Items to Leave Behind at Meetings


You never get second chance to make a first impression. And first impressions really count. When attending meetings, giving presentations or visiting clients what you say and how you speak will leave an impact but not every word you say will be recalled. It takes 5 to 7 impressions for someone to remember your logo […]

Promotional Decorations to Dazzle Your Office Party


There are numerous occasions coming up that give you an excuse to hold a party at your place of work – Halloween, Bonfire night, Diwali, Advent and Christmas. Each gathering requires food, drinks, some entertainment and some dazzling decorations to brighten up the room. Check out some of our promotional items that could adorn your […]

The do’s and don’ts of branded merchandise marketing – Part 1


Promotional product marketing campaigns are as popular as ever with the total spent on branded merchandise reaching past the £1 billion-pound mark in 2017. The do’s of using promotional product marketing Think of your target audience One of the first things to consider when purchasing any promotional products to give away for a marketing campaign […]

The do’s and don’ts of branded merchandise marketing – Part 2


Following on from the things to do to create a successful promotional product marketing campaign, here are some points on what could make your campaign fail or, what not to do. The don’ts Don’t leave it too late to order your products Promotional products can take a little time to produce. If you want the […]

Predictions of Promotional Product Marketing for 2019


The types of promotional products that businesses have bought this year have continued to vary from previous years. Companies have been more outlandish with their ideas and want to promote their company with distinct promotional merchandise. For 2019, we have few predictions of where the promotional product industry will travel too… Businesses will invest in […]