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Promotional Products For Charity Fundraising Events


Nonprofit charities organisations are vitally important at raising awareness for a number of causes and helping the most vulnerable in our society. All charities need to make money for their cause and fundraising events are a wonderful way to go about it. No matter the size of the charity whether it be a children’s charity, […]

The Top 5 Most Popular Promotional Products Of 2018, So Far


Each year, trends change and the types of promotional products that organisations buy differ. So far, in 2018 we have seen a rise in the sale of more fun branded products such as balloons. Customers are also purchasing higher quality products when ordering their company uniform and more eco friendly branded bags sales are on […]

What Promotional Products Can Do For Your Business


Businesses use promotional products as a cost-effective way of reaching out to potential customers and, is a highly cost-effective marketing method. Small businesses and established international companies choose to use branded merchandise in their marketing strategy because they can help to reduce marketing budgets whilst still attracting people’s attention. Create Brand Awareness Brand awareness means […]

Marketing Campaign Ideas Using BMT Promotions Promo Products


All businesses need to advertise. Not all businesses have a huge marketing budget. Sending out promotional products to current and prospective customers can work for you, no matter how big a budget you can administer, and this kind of advertising with have more of a profound effect than a standard business card. Small businesses marketing […]

Outside The Box Promotional Products


When you think of promotional products, what springs to mind? Branded keyrings, USB sticks, pens? These items are great branded marketing tools to get your business name seen. There are so many other, more unique products that can be branded with a company logo to advertise your business, in fact, here at bmt Promotions, we […]

Do Promotional Products Still Hold Value In This Digital Age?


We are in a digital age. The age where businesses choose to advertise online instead of in newspapers and prefer to use their social media pages to promote their products and services instead of travelling and showing them at events and exhibitions. Advertising online is completely understandable; you can market yourselves to the masses and […]

High End Promotional Products


On occasion you want a promotional gift that gives a little bit more. Whether you want to express your appreciation to a remarkable customer or celebrate an excellent employee achievement, high-end promotional products can be a thoughtful and unforgettable “thank you”. Here we’ve included BMT Promotions top 5 high-end promotional products that we know would […]

Promotional Products For Team Building


Team building within a company gives staff members the tools and plans needed to work together successfully, make better decisions and resolve any business issues. Working successfully as a team also creates a positive environment within a company and the collective knowledge of your employees can help progress your business further. Corporate team building items […]

Promotional Items For Sports Teams


The range of sporting events is vast. There are worldwide sporting events such as the football World Cup and The Olympics. We have national rugby leagues and cricket tournaments. School children have sports days and many children are involved with extracurricular sports clubs including hockey, athletics and netball. With all this activity there are thousands […]

Mix It Up With Different Promo Product Materials


Say no to non-recyclable plastics Thermosetting plastic is an undesirable material to produce promotional products with because it is non-recyclable. Thermosetting plastic cannot be recycled by the usual technique of heating because the molecular bonds that bind them together burn instead of melting. There are pioneering chemical processes that can be used, but they are […]