Branding on the go – with promotional pocket sized notebooks


The pocket notebook has a long and important history. Used in many types of jobs throughout time including farmers and inventors, police officers and presidents, doctors and designers, some of the greatest ideas in history have been jotted down in a pocket notebook.

The use of pocket notebooks may not seem to be as widespread as it once was due to the use of tablets and the mobile phone, but notebooks are still used in many areas of work and life and are considered to be a trendy addition to a person’s attire.

Some of the reasons why pocket notebooks are a useful promotional product to give out to your customers include:

  • Usefulness – Having a promotional pocket notebook to hand is very useful to jot down ideas you think of for work on the go. It’s somewhere to write down an appointment you’re making with a client, whilst discussing it on the phone with said client. When it’s a branded notebook, every time you get the notebook out, your business branding can be viewed by passersby or people you’re sitting with. This will create further awareness of your brand and business. People may choose to google your business after seeing your logo, give you call or even talk to you about it there and then.
  • Cost- Effective – Purchasing branded pocket notebooks for your staff to carry with them at meetings, for giveaways at exhibitions and to take on visits to see customers will not be expensive. They are one of the more cost-effective promotional items. They can be ordered in bulk which will make the cost of each individual notebook cheaper.
  • Variety – There are many ways you can create a bespoke promotional pocket notebook for your business. You can choose between a large choice of cover colours to match your brand and add you logo via screen printing or foil blocking – whichever works best for your brand.You can choose from either plain, ruled or graph paper on beautiful white or ivory coloured pages.

bmt Promotions branded pocket notebooks offer many beautifully crafted features for a practical and durable companion ideal for notations or drawings at work, travelling or in your free time. A couple of our notebooks have the following added features:

The Pocket Notebook Ruled Matra is available in a range of colours with a coordinating coloured closure band and also feature a pen loop. The pages come with crafted rounded corners for an elegant look with a gold ribbon marker to complement the design.

The Pocket Notebook Ruled Tucson includes a practical expandable pocket on the inside back cover, ideal for holding tickets, receipts or any other useful paper items.

For further information on our promotional pocket notebooks you can head to the website, call us on 01933409489 or email

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