Back to Basics with Promotional Keyrings


When choosing promotional products for your marketing campaigns, sometimes going back to basics with the items you pick can get you the outcome you desire.

Promotional keyrings have always been a firm favourite promotional item for businesses advertising campaigns but may be dismissed as popular branded merchandise these days.

Why promotional keyrings are still effective

There are many reasons why promotional keyrings are an effective branded item to use as giveaways:

  1. Firstly, they’re a cost effective. If you have a small marketing budget or are looking to buy in bulk, promotional keyrings don’t cost a great deal so you’re able to get your business branding out there to as many potential consumers as possible without spending a fortune.

  2. Promotional keyrings are small and portable. This is great in terms of distribution as the keyrings can be sent out in the mail for a postal campaign or, transportedeasily to trade shows to advertise your business. They can be given out to potential new customers and visitors to your exhibition stand and carried away with little effort.

  3. Promotional keyrings can be designed in an eye-catching way to grab people’s attention and draw their eyes to your company logo. We use metal, plastic, PVC and leather materials to produce our keyrings and your business logo can be printed, embossed or debossed onto the keyring.

  4. There are 2 in 1 keyrings which have a dual use. A keyring/torch, a keyring/bottle opener and a keyring/tape measure to name a few. With dual use, the keyrings are more likely to be used. This increases the possibility that someone will see your business brand and contact you if they need your products or services.

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