All You Need To Know About The Highlighter Pen


What is a highlighter pen?

A highlighter pen is a felt tip marker filled with fluorescent transparent ink in place of black or opaque ink. The highlighter pen has water-based ink that is used for marking of text without obscuring it. Highlighters are popular within the education sector with students choosing to use them to mark significant parts of writing for easier learning.

When was it invented?

The first water-based highlighter was developed by a Japanese inventorYukio Horie of the Tokyo Stationery Company. This pen was not produced to highlight texts, but it encouraged Carter’s Ink Company to, in 1963, start manufacturing a comparable water-based Marker with translucent ink named Hi-Liter™.

At bmt Promotions we have a range of brandable highlighters that are fantastic for:

  • Schools, colleges and higher education establishments
  • Office based workers
  • Business meetings and training facilities
  • Giveaways at exhibitions and trade shows

bmt Promotions highlighters

Our variety of highlighters can have your logo decorated onto them via spot colour print or digital print. The minimum order quantity is a 100 and they can be with you within 10 working days!

Starlight Highlighter

This star-shaped brandable highlighter has five popular highlighter colours. Each coloured cap corresponds with the refill colour. Suitable for spot colour and full colour printing to a large print area and can be printed on both sides.

Helios Highlighter

High-quality flat promotional highlighter, shaped like a flower, containing five popular colours. The imprintable plastic surface is ideal for full colour printing to a large surface or equally suited to a spot colour design.

Duo Highlighter

Compact double-ended branded highlighter with pink and yellow nibs. The white surface is suitable for full colour and spot colour prints.

Hi-5 Highlighter

Fun hand-shaped promotional highlighter with five popular coloured inks and a large print area. The lids indicate the highlighter colour within.

Bingo Dauber

This brandable bingo dauber is the perfect choice for bingo halls or any application that requires a large deposit of translucent highlighting ink. The white barrel is printable to a large branding area.

For a quotation on highlighters branded with your logo, get in touch. We are looking forward to speaking with you:

Telephone: 01933 409489


Website: bmt Promotions

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