Advertise Your Business this Winter with Promotional Jackets


Winter weather can mean that branded work shirts are hidden under rainproof coats and your embroidered business logo can no longer be seen. We have the perfect solution to this.

We have a variety of jackets for all weather types that can be embellished with your business branding so your logo can be seen on cold and drizzly days too.

We stock top brands including Regatta, Kariban and SOL and there are three types of jacket that can include your business branding:

  • The lightweight jacket is a waterproof option for milder drizzly weather.

  • The midweight jacket which includes a waterproof outer layer with a fleece inner coat is for colder rainy days and

  • The heavyweight jackets have 3 layers including a softshell outer layer and an inner body warmer and fleece layer for bitterly cold days.

Other jacket options include the soft shell jacket and the padded jacket.

Soft Shell Jackets

Soft Shell Jackets are intended for use outdoors and can be worn alone or as part of the layering system. They are ideal for aerobic activity in mild weather conditions. They are water repellent and highly breathable and can be used as an insulating layer under a ‘hard shell’ outer jacket.

Some of the top brands that we stock include Russell, Glenmuir and Lee Cooper and each of these jackets can be embroidered with a colourful business logo.

Padded Jackets

For a little more warmth during the cold winter months we have a selection of padded jackets. The padding inside is hollow fibre polyester. Hollow fibre gets its name from the fine, hollow strand of polyester that it is made from. The hollow centre traps air and helps to provide a light and warm filling for a jacket.

All our jackets come in a variety of sizes and colours so you can choose what best suits your business brand and will make your company name stand out from the crowd.

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