A Christmas Q&A with Coo-Var


It’s busy in the bmt Promotions office at this festive time of year but, with just over two weeks to go until Christmas Day all of us here are well and truly in the celebratory spirit! Last week’s Christmas question and answer session with our Director, Jack went down a storm, so we thought we’d get our customers involved in some of the yuletide fun too.

Here’s Danielle from Coo-Var, the paint and coating specialists with her answers to our Christmas questionnaire:


Q. How has 2017 been positive for you in business?

Well, we are all still here, so I guess that’s a positive!

Q. What difficulties have you faced in business in 2017?

In our department, it was a real struggle to assign someone to tea maker… but I did the right thing and stepped up to the job. It was a difficult decision but the best all round as I clean the cups thoroughly and now found a new hidden talent which I never knew I had.

Q. What are your hopes for your company in 2018?

That we continue to be a happy working family!

Q. How will you be spending your time over the Christmas break?

Putting on weight and enjoying family time.

Q. Which Christmas tune makes you turn your volume dial up?

All of them!

Q. What’s on your Christmas wish-list this year?

Ooooooh…. I’d love a new hoover!

Q. Do you have a favourite festive film? Yes

If so, which one? ELF!!

Q. What’s the worst Christmas present you have received?

Cooking utensils from the boyfriend on Christmas. Nothing says I love you like some large spoons.

Q. What is your favourite Christmas tipple?

Anything alcoholic!

Thank you, Danielle. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We hope your stocking is filled with lovely treats and not spoon this year!

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