A Brief History Of The Promotional Lanyard


The word lanyard comes from the French word ‘laniere’ which means strap. The very first lanyards were used in the 15th Century and were made of a simple piece of rope. They were used on board ships and these lanyards were humble straps tied to whistles, swords or pistols. The modern lanyard is much more elaborate, made from many different material options and they are much more likely to hold an employee’s identification card than a pistol!

Promotional lanyards at bmt Promotions.

At bmt Promotions lanyards are a big seller. They are a low cost, high visibility item making them very popular marketing tools. They are so often used in large corporate companies where there are many employees. The promotional lanyard is worn around the neck and may contain a card detailing the employee’s information. The lanyard itself can be branded with the company logo creating exposure the company name. Promotional lanyards are seen at many events such as Formula One, at concert theatres and nightclubs and, in a huge array of companies and organisations including hospitals, schools, universities and colleges.

Lanyards for exhibitions

At bmt Promotions we often supply them to exhibition event sponsors who then distribute the branded lanyards to the attendees. This ensures that’s the event sponsor gets their brand logo seen all day, every day for the length of the show. These lanyards are then taken home or, to the office and used as and when they are needed, creating further brand awareness for the event sponsors.

Type of lanyards from bmt Promotions

We have an impressive range of lanyards ready for your company branding at bmt Promotions. These include:

  • Flat Ribbed Polyester Lanyards


    • These promotional polyester lanyards have a flat, fine weave and are suitable for screen printing complex logos including logos with many colours. We can also Pantone match your company’s custom colours. These branded lanyards come in three sizes and with three clip types; Crocodile, Trigger and Dog.

  • Sublimation Lanyards


    • These satin finish lanyards are the right choice if you want intricate detail. If your logo has images or, shades and tints we can print dye-sublimation for the extra professional look. These come in three sizes with three different clip options.

  • Tubular Lanyards


    • These polyester twills, tubular lanyards have a substantial weave and are the perfect choice for a simple logo or for standard printing text. These are the most economical lanyard proving there is a promotional lanyard out there for every budget.

  • Woven Lanyards


    • The artwork is woven into the polyester material in these hard-wearing lanyards. These are suitable for standard text and simple logo designs.

For a conversation on your lanyards requirements, or indeed any promotional product needs, please contact us on the details below. We look forward to working with you.

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