5 Useful Travelling Promotional Items


Many of us must travel for work. We all get to work somehow whether that be on foot, on a bike, in a car or using public transport. Sometimes when we get to work there is extended travelling there too. Driving to meetings, delivering goods to customers, or you may even have to travel between different offices daily.

Help your staff to have enjoyable travelling experiences with a gift of some of these fantastic and useful promotional products:

Stay hydrated

Imagine getting stuck in a traffic jam or delayed on the train without a drink to hand! Supply your staff with a branded Durer travel mug to use on their journeys. Your company logo can be added to the travel mug with spot colour print to be seen wherever the mug may go. The mugs can be filled with icy water or, they can keep a nice hot cup of tea warm for you as you make you way into work.

Keeping Warm

We need to travel for meetings in all seasons. Even in the bitter winter. Help your employees stay warm on their walk to a work meeting with a promotional Regatta bomber jacket or a Result Polartherm™ Zip Neck Fleece. Promotional clothing items with a business logo give a professional impression when you’re greeted at meetings. Your company logo can be printed or embroidered onto the uniform in your company colours.

Stay safe and be seen

Travelling can sometimes go wrong. Cars can breakdown leaving you stranded by the side of the road. A branded high-visibility vest, that can be left in the car, for such situations will keep you visible and safe at the roadside whilst you’re waiting for the breakdown team to arrive.

A sweet treat for your journey

Any journey to work or a meeting can be made better with some sweets or chocolates to nibble on to pass the time. Provide your employees with a bag of branded sweets every so often. The sweets will be seen by people that travel in the car, creating brand awareness. Some of the confectionary can even be given to the employee to hand out at the meeting to create an even greater impression.

Keep ideas flowing

Promotional Notepads and branded pens are a fantastic giveaway for commuters wanting to do a little work on a train journey. The company branding will be visible to all the other travellers creating some brand awareness for your business. The branded notepad and pens are also a useful giveaway because any work-related ideas can be jotted down en-route to the office.

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