2-in-1 Promotional Products


When spending a portion of your marketing budget on promotional merchandise, you want to get top quality products for the best price. You also want promotional items that are going to be used and handled daily so that your business branding is seen regularly by as many potential clients as possible.

This is where the 2-in-1 promotional products come into play. Any item that has a dual use is more likely to be seen by both potential new customers and current clients that need a reminder to purchase that product they’ve been meaning too from your business.

Here are a few of our fabulous 2-in-1 promotional products:

  • Stress Shapes/Phone Holder

Our Cloud Stress Shape and our Armchair Stress Shape also double up as phone holders. These promotional items are a great addition to people’s office desks. They are a place to hold your mobile phone so the screen can be seen, be there for you to squeeze in stressful situations, all whilst advertising your business branding.

  • Pen pot/Calendar

A seasonal gift but one that will remain on peoples desk throughout the year is the pen pot calendar. This 6 sided pen pot calendar is printed in full colour with images from our extensive range or you can supply your own images. As it’s a desk calendar, your business branding will be available to be seen on every working day!

  • 2-in-1 Keyrings

We have a few 2-in-1 keyrings that can be branded with your business logo. The Dallas Bottle Opener Keyring is a classic bottle opener keyring in polished chrome with split ring fitting. The Habana Tape Measure Keyring has a 1M retractable, locking tape measure showing centimetres and inches. It also has a slide locking button to lock the tape in place. We also have the Keyring Torch which is a five LED Metal keyring torch available in three colours.

Each of these keyring can be printed with your business logo for a dual use promotional product.

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