Here is a refreshing way to promote your products

Are you looking out for a yummy, fresh and cost-effective giveaway option? Then you need to consider promotional mints. Yes, these are a perfect giveaway for trade shows as well as and your latest marketing campaign. They are an ideal branded freebie for customers to pick up at the counter of the retail shop or at an event. Whether it is a tech conference or product exhibition and you want to give a branded item, promotional mints is the way to go.

Here are the options of Promotional Mints available with us:

Cool card digital mints:

These plastic cards containing sugar-free mints are one of the best giveaways during your tech conferences as well as trade shows. You can have your company logo printed in full colour print onto these white credit-card style packets.

Cool card mints:

These packets contain vegan, sugar-free mints. The promotional packets are available in a variety of different colours. These refreshing mints are ideal giveaways for conferences, meetings and trade shows.

Design box mini mints:

You can giveaway these Printed Corporate Mints box containing a number of sugar free mints as a token of thanks to your clients and employees. These portable and cost effective mints are great for exhibition giveaways or to gift out to attendees at a charity event.

Embossed flat box of mint:

This shiny individually embossed box containing sugar-free mints will look fantastic with your logo printed on in full colour. You can give it to your employees to give out at meetings to potential new clients.

Mint stick:

If you are looking out for a unique option then choose this mint stick. This tube of small mints can be branded with your company logo and is a perfect, portable giveaway at trade shows, business meetings and conferences.

Printed flat box mints:

These flat shiny boxes with a sliding metal lid have a shelf life of 18 months and are one of the most economical giveaways for your loyal customers and hard-working employees.

We have many different promotional mint options available at bmt Promotions. All our mints are vegan and sugar free and of top quality. You can be rest assured that you will always get good quality Branded Mints from us.

If you’re thinking of giving away mints as a promotional item then get in touch with us to discuss designing your confectionery. We will customise your design to suit your needs and once the artwork is approved we shall create a bespoke product for your brand. We will make sure that your order is completed and delivered to you within a specified time.