Pen Pot Calendar

Pen Pot Calendar

The Benefits Of Promotional Pen Pot Calendars

In this digital era, companies are promoting themselves in every possible place. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and even Google are loaded with ads. But when we look down streets and drive down roads, physical advertising such as banners and flyers are still a very common way to promote a business.

When focusing your advertising campaign on your target audience, the best kind of marketing is when your brand is in the eye line of your customers on a regular basis. Bespoke calendars, in this instance pen pot calendars, are the perfect example of a product that will be used regularly and where your business advertising can be viewed. So, when office workers look up from their phones, your business advert is visible on their desks.

Promotional pen pot calendars are an amazing marketing product that can help to increase your brand awareness. The success of business doesn’t depend on the huge investment but it depends on smart investment. Promotional printed pen pot calendars are one of those smart investments that can create great success. People usually take such things lightly but for a business owner, it is essential to consider every marketing tactic. Promotional printed pen pot calendars do not only have positive marketing benefits but it is one of the effective, affordable and inexpensive ways to get your business name out to people. The pen pot calendar produced by bmt Promotions has several features to help you advertise your business including:

  • The printed pen pot calendars are 6 sided pen pot. Your business branding can be printed in full colour with images from our extensive range or you can supply your own images relating to your company.
  • The pen pot calendars show the day of each month or, these can be printed without the calendar and just used as an advertising space and a great place to put your pens.
  • The size of the product is 105mm (w) x 135mm (h) so there is plenty of room for vibrant imagery and your business message.

This promotional product is great merchandise that can be produced to your bespoke design and given to your customers, partners and clients. You can also order printed pen pot calendars in bulk and use them as giveaways at exhibitions.

Pen pot Calendars are a different and unique promotional item to gift to your target audience. Promotional products such as printed pen pot calendars will ultimately increase the recognition of your brand and this is the reason to use promotional products in your next marketing campaign. People who are using or receiving a promotional product will remember your brand and product. Whenever they want something related to your business then thanks to this promotional pen pot calendar, they will have the information to find your business online or have contact details for you. When it comes to ROI (return on investment), nothing beats promotional products for your company.

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