Foldable Bags

Foldable Bags

Promotional Foldable Bags

All businesses want and need brand recognition and awareness to gain new custom and build their business profile. The competition to market your brand and be seen is fierce also, keeping your company’s name out there can seem like a tough goal to reach. This is where promotional products, in particular promotional foldable bags come in.

With strategic placement of your logo and a great design, promotional foldable bags can help increase awareness of your brand.

Foldable bags are a fantastic promotional product for all kinds of organisations, charities and educational establishments. At some point, we will all need a carrying aid and having a foldable bag in your pocket, or handbag is sure to come in useful. When your business branding and message is printed onto the bag, it allows passers-by to see your logo and this creates brand awareness.

Promotional foldable bags are a cost-effective branded item. This means that a lot of promotional foldable bags can be produced but it won’t be a huge cost to your business. The more people that use your branded foldable bags the more exposure your business is getting so, use these bags to inform people about your products and services, social media campaigns and any events that are coming up.

Promotional foldable bags are also a fantastic eco-friendly item which is a must as the world wakes up to global climate issues. As the bags are reusable they they save the use of unrecyclable plastic bags that are given out in many shops and stores worldwide.

Our promotional foldable bags are an empty canvas that can be designed to your specific requirements. The design of your bag can be completely bespoke to your business and the message you want to deliver. You could be promoting a message or a new product or service that you’re offering. Be as creative as possible to produce the most eye-catching foldable bag and market your brand at the same time.

Our promotional foldable bags are made from taffeta 190 polyester and come in an array of colours including white, red, green, blue and black. Where possible we can colour match with your business brand too. Taffeta polyester is an extremely durable material that is light in weight and folds up for easy storage when not in use.

The minimum order quantity for these bags is 100. They are fabulous items to buy in bulk, brand and distribute at festivals, exhibitions or at your retail outlet. The dimensions of the bags are 380mm by 380mm which is a large area for your business branding and message.

The printing techniques we offer to create your bespoke bag are screen printing or branding via transfer.

If you would like to discuss purchasing some of these bags for your business or, if you have any queries regarding them please call 01933 409489, email or fill in the Quick Quote form on the foldable bags page.