How many umbrella’s does it take to keep King of Saudi Arabia dry?




In England, we tend to have very unpredictable weather. Sometimes it’s bright and sunny, other times it’s wet and pouring down with rain which requires us to get our brolly’s out. One umbrella is usually enough to keep us dry. However, if you’re the King of Saudi Arabia, you need SEVEN umbrellas to keep you dry!

According to an article on the Daily Mail Online, King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud disembarked from his plane via a golden escalator and had seven men armed with huge golf umbrellas to protect him from the rain as he touched down in Indonesia.

As the first trip in 47 years by a Saudi head of State, King Salman was visiting Indonesia as part of a historic nine-day tour; not only was he greeted by cheering crowds, waving flags and cheering schoolchildren but he was welcomed by a huge downpour as he stepped foot into the country.

Here at BMT, we wonder whether the King of Saudi Arabia would be keen to invest in a promotional umbrella? If he did, it would certainly increase his brand awareness, he could give them out as free gifts to the cheering crowds and we could even make the umbrella’s gold to match his gold escalator.

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Promotional Branded Umbrellas

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